Martin Barré
09.10.2019 - 02.02.2020
Exhibition organized by Clément Dirié
With the support of the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art and the French Embassy in Switzerland
Rosemarie Castoro
09.10.2019 - 02.02.2020
Organized by Julien Fronsacq
The exhibition received a donation by the Soros Charitable Foundation
Irma Blank
09.10.2019 - 02.02.2020
The exhibition, curated by Johana Carrier and Joana P. R. Neves, is organized in collaboration with Culturgest, Lisbon; CAPC, Bordeaux; CCA, Tel Aviv; ICA, Milan; Museo Villa Dei Cedri, Bellinzona; and BombasGens Centre d’Art, Valencia
The exhibition benefits from the support of Q-International, a grant by Fondazione La Quadriennale di Roma
Arnulf Rainer
Territoires latents. Fonds Michel Foëx (donation 2019)
09.10.2019 - 02.02.2020
The exhibition is organized by Rainer Michael Mason, who also signs the present text and directs the publication to be released soon on this important donation
Guy de Cointet
09.10.2019 - 02.02.2020
John M Armleder
Quicksand 2
29.05.2019 - 02.02.2020
The project has been organized by Lionel Bovier
Conceived for MAMCO, the installation has been gifted to the museum by the artist
A Collection of Spaces
Sophie Costes, Curator in charge of collections, worked on the re-deployment of Sarkis’ studio and, with artist Emilie Parendeau, of Rutault’s Inventory; Paul Bernard, Curator at MAMCO, was in charge of the organization of the Concrete Poetry Cabinet; and the Ecart rooms are programmed by Lionel Bovier and Elisabeth Jobin
The construction of the Concrete Poetry Cabinet and the Ecart spaces were generously supported by Fondation Leenaards
The Apartment was acquired by the Fondation MAMCO in 2016–2017 thanks to the great generosity of: Antonie and Philippe Bertherat, Pierre Darier, and Fondation de Famille Sandoz; the support of: Ronald Asmar and Romain Jordan, FAMSA Foundation, Fondation Gandur pour l’Art, a private foundation in Geneva, Aline and Christian Gauduel, Bénédict G.F. Hentsch, Zaza and Philippe Jabre, Christina and Pierre de Labouchere, Pierre Mirabaud, MKS (Switzerland) SA, Iman and Jacques de Saussure; and the participation of: MAMCO’s Friends Association, especially: Lionel Aeschlimann, Marc Blondeau, Catherine Orci-Darier, and Della Tamari
Ecart at Art Basel
04.07.2019 - 28.02.2020
The exhibition is organized by John M Armleder and Lionel Bovier, with Paul Bernard, Sophie Costes, Julien Fronsacq, Elisabeth Jobin, and Mai-Thu Perret, and the support of Françoise Ninghetto, Fabrice Stroun, the Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, and the participating artists
Kristin Oppenheim
29.05.2019 - 02.02.2020
FONDATION MAMCOÉtat de GenèveVille de GenèveFondation de Famille SandozJTIMirabaud & Cie SA