Walead Beshty
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
Curated by Lionel Bovier, with the assistance of Lisa Kaczmarek
With the support of Fondation de bienfaisance du Groupe Pictet
Martin Kippenberger
The Museum of Modern Art Syros
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
Organized by Sophie Costes and Samuel Gross, in collaboration with Swiss Institute, Rome, the exhibition was first presented at Fondazione Sant’Elia, Palerme
With the generous support of Fondation genevoise de bienfaisance Valeria Rossi di Montelera
Gordon Matta-Clark
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
An exhibition curated by Sophie Costes
With the support of Gordon Matta-Clark Estate
Burhan Doğançay
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
The exhibition has been made possible thanks to Benjamin Kaufmann.
Piotr Kowalski
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
Exhibition organized by honorary conservator Françoise Ninghetto, with the support of Soizic Audouard and Andrea Kowalski
Editions Givaudan
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
The exhibition organized by honorary curator Françoise Ninghetto, is built upon the gift by Soizic Audouard and Xavier Givaudan in memory of Claude Givaudan
Nam June Paik
Fire Piece
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
The work was donated to MAMCO by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd in 2019
Ken Lum
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
The exhibition, organized by Sophie Costes, follows the gift by Marc Jancou and Ken Lum of one of the works presented
John M Armleder
Quicksand 2
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
The project has been organized by Lionel Bovier
Conceived for MAMCO, the installation has been gifted to the museum by the artist
Autour de Gilles Dusein
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
The collection “Autour de Gilles Dusein” has been gifted to MAMCO with the support of the artists involved, Serge Aboukrat, Christian Bernard, and Caroline Bourgeois
A Collection of Spaces
Sophie Costes, Curator in charge of collections, worked on the re-deployment of Sarkis’ studio and, with artist Emilie Parendeau, of Rutault’s Inventory; Paul Bernard, Curator at MAMCO, was in charge of the organization of the Concrete Poetry Cabinet; and the Ecart rooms are programmed by Lionel Bovier and Elisabeth Jobin
The construction of the Concrete Poetry Cabinet and the Ecart spaces were generously supported by Fondation Leenaards
Ecart at Art Basel
04.07.2019 - 31.12.2019
The exhibition is organized by John M Armleder and Lionel Bovier, with Paul Bernard, Sophie Costes, Julien Fronsacq, Elisabeth Jobin, and Mai-Thu Perret, and the support of Françoise Ninghetto, Fabrice Stroun, the Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, and the participating artists
Kristin Oppenheim
29.05.2019 - 08.09.2019
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