L’irrésolution commune d’un engagement équivoque

On the fourth floor and in three rooms on the first, over 120 works, installations, films,

photographs, editions, 
and archival documents retraced the prolific activity of the Ecart Group. Founded by John M Armleder, Claude Rychner, and Patrick Lucchini during an “Ecart Happening Festival” in 1969, the group organized numerous events, performance recitals, exhibitions, and publications that opened a dialogue in Geneva with the New York members of Fluxus. More broadly, they created an international exchange network that included a large number of artists linked with the avant-garde of the 1970s. Ecart, which means “gap” in French and is a palindrome for “trace,” had adopted the principle of equivalence between art and life as formulated by Robert Filliou. Their location at 6 rue Plantamour in Geneva therefore functioned as a gallery, specialized bookstore, and meeting place all in one. With their alternative communal model and network structure, the group questioned the heritage of Minimalist, Conceptual, and Body art that emerged from the 1960s.
  • Exhibition was curated by Lionel Bovier and Christophe Cherix and organized in cooperation with the Print Room of the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire and Saint-Gervais, Geneva
  • With the support of the “Pour-cent culturel Migros”
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