Warning Graphic Content (2021) and Everybody in the Place: An Incomplete History of Britain 1984–1992 (2018)

In Everybody in the Place: An Incomplete History of Britain 1984–1992, Jeremy Deller explores a significant cultural movement through the lens of social and political history rather than through a class-based approach. Named after a song by The Prodigy that brought techno music into the mainstream, the film documents Deller delivering a lecture to a class of 18-year-old politics students, with the support of archival footage from the period of the Thatcher government. The students learn how the social movements, musical practices, protests, and warehouse parties of the time were linked to post-industrial decline and the birth of a new musical genre. Rave and acid house music indeed owed as much to the working-class struggle in Britain as it did to Chicago’s gay club scene. This new dance music culture marked a generational turning point in British identity, bridging the gap between the country’s industrial past and a more radical, post-industrial future. 

Warning Graphic Content, Prints & Posters 1993–2021 takes its name from the formulaic notice that precedes potentially sensitive or offensive content. It brings together Deller’s print and poster works from a career that began with the end of Margaret Thatcher’s time in office and the emergence of the Young British Artists movement in the 1990s. The pieces on display here span a range of graphic styles, capturing key moments in art, music, and politics. Deller’s prints and posters reflect his trademark pop style and political sensitivities. But they also serve as a history of England, as evidenced in his support for community causes, his rejection of Brexit, and his 1997 poster bearing the words Jeder Engländer ist eine Insel (Every Englishman is an Island) in red block capitals.

  • Curated by Julien Fronsacq
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