A Collective Initiative

MAMCO is a public foundation sustained materially and financially by public authorities and generously supported by its donors and its Friends' association. Born out of a collective initiative led by the Friends' association since 1973, MAMCO opened in 1994, thanks to eight founders who came together to create FONDATION MAMCO. Its evolution over the years was met with the growing support of its foundation and of public authorities, whose common goal was ratified in 2005 with the signing of an agreement bringing together FONDATION MAMCO, the State and the City of Geneva. MAMCO has since been overseen by FONDAMCO. With over 1,000 members, the Friends’ association remains an essential source of financial and moral support for MAMCO. It offers for its members lectures, conferences, debates, trips, and other advantages. FONDATION MAMCO and the Friends’ association (Amis du MAMCO) are open to all who wish to contribute to the development of MAMCO.

Friends of the museum

You can support the museum by becoming a member of the Friends of MAMCO and benefit from activities that have been specifically conceived for you. The association, gathering more than 1,000 members, is at the origin of the museum’s creation, for which it fought since 1973. Membership starts at 100 CHF and provides yearly free access to the museum, as well as to numerous partner institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

Committee: Jean Marc Annicchiarico, Christine Belser, Jean-François Ducrest, Delphine Folliot, Patrick Fuchs (Président), Marie-Claude Gevaux, Joëlle Girardet, Loa Haagen Pictet, Anne Lamunière, Emmanuelle Maillard Bory, Bénédicte Montant, Abir Oreibi-Colucci, Philippe Pulfer and Viviane Reybier


MAMCO is overseen by the FOUNDATION, which reunites MAMCO's Foundation, the State and City of Geneva.


  • Philippe Bertherat, President
  • Elvita Alvarez,  Vice-president
  • Nadia Keckeis,  Vice-president
  • Carine Bachmann
  • Michèle Freiburghaus-Lens
  • Patrick Fuchs
  • Jean-Pierre Greff
  • Marc-André Renold
  • Simon Studer

MAMCO Foundation

Created in 1991, the Foundation was, during the first ten years of MAMCO’s existence, its main source of funding and the sole governing body. In 2005, it joined forces with State and City of Geneva to create a public foundation, known as FONDAMCO.


  • Philippe Bertherat, President
  • Pierre de Labouchere, Vice-president
  • Jean Marc Annicchiarico, Treasurer
  • Karma Liess-Shakarchi, Secretary
  • Charle Beer
  • Simon Studer


  • Claude Barbey
  • Jean-Paul Croisier
  • Pierre Darier
  • André L’Huillier
  • Philippe Nordmann
  • Pierre Mirabaud
  • Bernard Sabrier
  • as well as the Friends Association, represented by its President, Patrick Fuchs


  • Anne-Shelton Aaron and Jean-Michel Aaron
  • Antonie and Philippe Bertherat
  • Marc Blondeau
  • Maryse Bory
  • Nicole Ghez de Castelnuovo
  • Bénédict Hentsch
  • Christina and Pierre de Labouchere
  • Aimery Langlois-Meurinne
  • Jean-Léonard de Meuron
  • Nadine and Edmond de Rothschild
  • Lily and Edmond Safra


  • Afshan Almassi Sturzda
  • Jean Marc Annicchiarico
  • Antonie and Philippe Bertherat
  • Verena and Rémy Best
  • Marc Blondeau
  • Maryse Bory
  • Jean-Paul Croisier
  • Pierre Darier
  • Zaza and Philippe Jabre
  • Christina and Pierre de Labouchere
  • Aimery Langlois-Meurinne
  • Karma Liess-Shakarchi
  • Emmanuelle Maillard
  • Jean-Léonard de Meuron
  • Patricia and Jean-Pierre Michaux
  • Pierre Mirabaud
  • Philippe Nordmann
  • Alain-Dominique Perrin
  • Marine and Claude Robert
  • Bernard Sabrier
  • Lily Safra, represented by Samuel Elia
  • Simon Studer



Companies and foundations can support MAMCO’s exhibitions and development on a project-based, annual, or multi-years base. Donations are tax deductible and the museum propose specific benefits to its partners.

Main Sponsors
État de Genève
Ville de Genève
Fondation de Famille Sandoz
Fondation genevoise de bienfaisance Valeria Rossi di Montelera
Fondation Leenaards
Loterie Romande
Mirabaud & Cie SA
Fondation de bienfaisance du Groupe Pictet
Fondation Coromandel
Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’écriture et la littérature
Fondation Lombard Odier
Sharjah Art Foundation
Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Fondation du Jubilé de la Mobilière Suisse Société Coopérative
Media partners
Le Temps
Transports publics genevois
Suisse Tourisme
Hotel Partners
Le Richemond
In-Kind Partners
Arthur's Bar
Café des Bains
Chemiserie Centrale
Print Them All
XL Catlin

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