MAMCO’s Education Services works with existing networks of instructors in the fields of education, social work, or transmission in general. After each opening, we offer a special visit for teachers and another one for professionals in the field of social work, so as to encourage them to bring their classes and groups to the museum and help them prepare a visit. This training is free, within the limit of availability.


Next visits

  • For teachers: 
    March 13, 2024, 4.30-6pm

  • For professionals in the social field:
    March 14, 2024, 12-1pm

  1. For any request and further information: visits(at)mamco.ch



Further Education

A/ Primary School teachers

“Discovering MAMCO”: at MAMCO, there is art everywhere, on the walls, on the windows, on the stairs and even… in the toilets! This visit incites to look down, look up, and above all open our eyes to discover contemporary art’s endless possibilities.


B/ Secondary School teachers

“Where is Pop?”: Hollywood, advertising, science-fiction, rock, stories, cartoons, graffiti… the course on offer deals with a large number of artworks exhibited in the museum in which traces of “pop culture” can be seen. Teachers are invited to sharpen their ways of looking at these various sources of inspiration and to imagine activities for their classes, allowing them to link these works with cultural histories.



C/ Teachers and professionals in the social field

Very regularly, the Education Services organizes customized courses for teachers and professionals in the social field. 

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