Gaia Vincensini’s works, such as Heartbreak, Calm, Seclusion and Escape, take their titles from the realms of psychology and human emotions. There is also a social dimension to how Vincensini plays with traditional formats and techniques. By combining drawing, engraving, graphics, embroidery, monotypes and mosaic work, she transcends the traditional boundaries between art and handicraft, and between trained professional and amateur artist—distinctions that are a product of the art world insofar as they arise from relationships between actors within a network (the creator and their public, as well as their peers, critics, exhibitors and sponsors). Whatever the nature of an artwork, it is rooted in a generalized interdependence: a product of this network of actors and their subjectivities. Artistic approach is important to Vincensini, whose lineage includes a sculptor grandmother, a printmaking mother, and a ceramicist aunt.

In Vincensini’s works, the viewer may recognize local Swiss brand names juxtaposed with existential reflections: “Truth is expressed through symbols,” “warwick/swisscaution/ubs,” “trust,” “You are a valuable human being.” Her focus is twofold: on hybrid narratives that convey private messages, and on her native city, Geneva, from which she borrows elements from corporate storytelling, i.e. the art of transforming a company into a compendium of positive messages.

Vincensini’s exhibition at the MAMCO showcases a ceramic safe—a formal setting in which to house her grandmother’s sculptures—as well as engraving plates, which adorn panels shaped like armored doors. The piece is accompanied by a film that was shot in the Museum in which various artists’ works serve as a backdrop. Vincensini’s combination of techniques and narratives explores the interplay between the value systems that structure both art and society.

  • Exhibition organized by Julien Fronsacq
  • Gaia Vincensini is the Geneva winner of the 2021 Manor Culture Prize
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