MAMCO’s collection lies at the very center of the strategy developed by the director since 2016, which is to consider it as both origin and the destination of all exhibitions. It is also become the focus of museum’s politics of internationalization.

More than 200 works entered MAMCO's collection in 2022, either completing or stabilizing existing corpus (Irma Blank, Heimo Zobernig, Blair Thurman, Jim Shaw, Philippe Thomas), filling important gaps (Adrian Piper, Jackie Winsor), and exploring new directions (Sarah Benslimane, Maggie Lee). Donations by artists and Estates (Christian Marclay, Verena Loewensberg) as well as collectors (Rachel Jones, Wade Guyton, Nam June Paik, François Ristori, Julia Wachtel) mirror these developments.

Additionally, the year was marked by other importants donations: by John M Armleder and the artists participating to the exhibition "&" he organized at the museum, as well as the additions to our Concrete Poetry Fonds by Claire Burrus, Dieter Schwarz, and the Foundation Shizuko Yoshikawa and Josef Müller-Brockmann. 

For the development of its collection, MAMCO benefits from the support of its friend’s association, private donors, and donations. When you become a Friend of MAMCO, you contribute to it as well. 


Discover our films presenting artworks from the collection, produced in partnership with the company Artmyn. The unique digitization technology developed by ARTMYN allows to generate interactive images and immersive videos that take you to the heart of the works, share the emotion of gesture and material and discover the secrets of the greatest artists.

Marcia Hafif, 189. (To Chloe, Who Wished Herself Young Enough for Me), 1968

Miriam Cahn, Sans titre, (13 + 14 + 18.07.2003)

Richard Pettibone, After Roy Lichtenstein (Sock, 1962), 1965

Richard Paul Lohse, Vier und fünf, Farbgrüppen mit hellem Zentrum, 1952-1964

Jean-Frédéric Schnyder, Sans titre (BF), 1984

Karel Appel (1921-2006), Oiseau au-dessus de la mer noire, 1958

Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011), Passport, 1953

General Idea (1969-1994), Copyright (Blue) # 3, 1987


With the project In Course of Acquisition, MAMCO proceeds, during artgenève 5-day fair, to in situ acquisitions. Its booth thus opens completely empty and is filled day after day as works bought at the fair are brought together. This project is made possible by the Friends Association of MAMCO, an anonymous donor, and Mirabaud & Cie. Between 2017 and 2022, more than 30 works by artists such as Richard Artschwager, Irma Blank, Larry Johnson, Louise Lawler, Walter Robinson, Hassan Sharif, Haim Steinbach, Julia Scher, Robert Smithson, or Heimo Zobernig, thus joined the museum’s collection.

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