MAMCO's fourth floor is home to temporary installations from the museum's collections and, on a more long-term basis, to “artists' spaces.” This juxtaposition is designed to convey the uniqueness of MAMCO's collections and how they embody our policy of protocol, partition, and collaboration with artists.

Inventaire, by Claude Rutault (1941–2022), comprises the full set of the artist's definitions/methods. This installation premiered at MAMCO in 1994 and serves as an inventory of the artist's completed (or unfinished) projects. Any work from the corpus can be actualized on an exterior wall.

L’Atelier depuis 19380, by Sarkis (b. 1938 in Istanbul, lives in Paris), is the only space that evokes the wooden “huts” that the museum made available to artists when it first opened. Sarkis considers this space a “traveling studio” in which, once or twice a year, he spends a day working. Other works by the artist, of which MAMCO has a considerable collection, are displayed outside this installation.

Scheerbart Parlour was created in 2007 by Siah Armajani, an Iranian artist who died in 2020 in Minneapolis (USA), where he had lived since 1964. Modeled after his Reading Rooms (1977)—functional constructions that highlight the experience of reading and turn the visitor from a viewer into a reader—Scheerbart Parlour alludes to Paul Scheerbart, a pioneering theoretician of glass architecture. The installation also showcases Armajani’s Models for Streets series (1992) as well as his Dictionary for Building (1974–1975), a visual lexicon of architectural forms inspired by rural America. 

  • Sophie Costes is in charge of maintaining Sarkis' Atelier and, together with artist Emilie Parendeau, Claude Rutault's Inventory
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